Future Projects

We are an innovative company and we have both our short term and long term projections. We intent to venture into so many future businesses that will enhance what we do, our clients, communities, cities, states and the whole world at large.

A few of what we plan to venture into are stated below:

Baruchaba Speed Transport Service (BaSTS)

BaSTS is a world transport service that is similar to Uber services. Its an innovation that will allow users to have access to transport system/services at a very fast speed anywhere in the world. Its a work in progress. With BaST App, wherever a traveller finds himself or herself anywhere in the world, a cheap and fast BaSTS driver will be very close to take the traveller to his or her destination.

Farms/Farmers Technology

This is to streamline the processes involved in the farming processing from weeding, planting up to the time of harvest using modern day technology. With the growing world population especially in Africa and Nigeria in particular, there is need to plan ahead on feeding more people and to make this happen its important to use technology to drive Agriculture for fast, clean and healthy food production.

Also there are so many who would like to invest into farming without going to farm. the platform will allow such investors participate maximally with good returns on investments.

Baruchaba Oil And Gas Services

Health Sensory Devices